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Membership in AQVA
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Member Registration
Informed Consent Agreement
I hereby agree to respect all the rules or regulations of the Association québécoise de voile adaptée (AQVA), as well as those of the sailing clubs and other locations where AQVA activities are held.
I am aware that any risk involved in my participation in the activities is influenced by my health, as well as the caution and skills that I use during these activities. I am also aware of the risks inherent to the activity. It is understood that I can modify my level of participation in consideration of these factors.
I hereby release AQVA, as well as the sailing clubs, from all claims, expenses, legal prosecution and responsibility pertaining to my participation in AQVA activities.
I hereby give my consent to the Association for the use of photographs and videos in which I might appear for the purpose of the promotion of adapted sailing in the media as well as in fundraising and promotional documents.
The AQVA is funded in part by the Canadian Paralympic Committee, Sail Canada, the Quebec Sailing Federation, and the AbleSail Network of Canada (ASN). For statistical purposes, these organizations request certain information about the AQVA's sailors. I consent to having my personal information divulged to these organizations.

I confirm that I have understood the above information and that the commitments, acceptations, renunciations and other declarations contained within this renunciation-form are legally binding for myself, my legal representatives and my heirs.