About AQVA

 Our Mission:  To enable people of all ages with mobility impairments, including very severe ones, to increase their quality of life, to become active and to reintegrate in the community by means of sailing.

AQVA’s activities are designed to relieve the physical obstacles that challenge the mobility impaired.  Too often people choose to 'do for' instead of 'do with' those challenged physically. This can result in a tendency towards passivity on the part of the handicapped person who no longer seeks to do for oneself. Our goal is, therefore, to offer the opportunity and resources necessary for those with mobility impairments to learn to sail independently. We believe that sailing, a symbol of freedom and independence, can have a positive effect on one's personal and social life.

AQVA is a charitable organization where the mobility impaired are well represented on its board of directors. We are a community organization with a dependable source of enthusiastic and collaborative volunteers.

Charitable organization registration number :   887688737 RR 0001 

AQVA is a provincial organization with two regional committees:  Montreal and Eastern Townships.

Board of Directors

René Dallaire: President
Pierre Richard: Vice President
Patrick Flaherty: Secretary
Antoine Robert: Administrator
Furqan Haque: Administrator

Geneviève Prévost:  Director of administration and operations

Montreal Regional Committee

Pierre Richard: Head of Chapter
Paula Stone: Head of operations
Marc Villeneuve: Treasurer
Claire Savage: Social activities and events coordinator
René Dallaire: Financial Coordinator
Basil Katsivalis: Member
Érick Poirier: Member