Our boats

The Martin 16  & the 2.4mR

Martin 16

The Canadian designed and built Martin 16 is a keelboat, though some would say disguised as a dinghy. It is nimble, fun in a breeze but with a 330lb keel it has the key safety feature – impossible to capsize! The cockpit layout is cleverly designed to cater to those with limited mobility: The helmsmen sits low in the boat, facing forward with a central “joystick” style tiller and both sheets led through a central easy-to-reach pulley. All other adjustments -  boom vang, cunningham, outhaul, bilge – are also within arm’s reach.

The sailor sits in the boat in a multi-adjustable seat that can accommodate any special postural needs. The seat is situated on the center line at the bottom of the cockpit. This is the most stable position in the boat and means that the sailor does not have to move from one side of the boat to the other as one must do on standard sailboats. If necessary quick-release straps can be used to stabilize the sailor’s trunk when the boat heels (leans to the side) on windy days.

Sailors who do not have full use or strength of their arms or hands can use a Power Assist system ....

The Montreal chapter of AQVA has 5 Martin 16's and the Sherbrooke chapter has one.

See Martin16.com for more information.



The 2.4mR is a one person Scandinavian designed boat that was not designed for sailors with disabilities but just happens to be particularly well-suited due to the fact that the sailor stays seated in one place and all controls for steering, trimming, etc. are within hands reach. Sailors with and without disabilities compete against each other on a level playing field. The 2.4mR is used for the one-person event in the Paralympics.   The Montreal chapter of AQVA has one of these boats.